Reviews and Creative Critiques

Every project needs another set of eyes. But sometimes asking your friends, loved ones, or those close to you, doesn't always equal an honest assesment of your work as an artist. Let's be honest. People don't want to hurt your feelings. The problem with that is: that doesn't help you grow as an artist. It only holds you back.   


I want to help you grow as an artist. I offer an honest , 3rd party assessment for audio engineers, musicians, artists, videographers, editors, designers, etc. to best you can be. You will benefit from a professional opinion to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light to your audience.


Description Price
Songwriting / Mix /Mastering $30 per song
Album (overall critique - less detailed than per song) $75
Post Production Audio - 1-10 minute video $30
Post Production Audio - 10-30 minute video $50
Post Production Audio - After 30 minutes $2 per minute
Artwork $30
Video/color/editing/cinematography overall review $30
Detailed vide/film  critique Negotiable
User interface/experience Email for details
Products $50


Please email glitchjunk at gmail dot com for upload instructions or with a link to your work. Reviews will not occur until payment is received.